Decision 2 is the sequel of Decision, implementing new features like new weapons, abilities and gameplay.

What's new Edit

Weapons Edit

- A pistol (Colt - Beretta - Desert Eagle), a regular weapon, the first you get, it gives 90% of rewards (The highest excepting melee fight).

- An rifle (Enfield - Dragunov - Barett), a long distance weapon than deals high damage. It's the third you get and gives 80% of rewards (The second highest excepting melee fight).

Abilities Edit

-Rage: Unlock rage, upgrade it's properties and use whenever you want (becoming an active ability).

-Stability: Unlock Stability (active ability), and increases it's bonuses.

-Business: Increase profit of factories and reduce the waiting time for them.

-Hacker: Ability to crack ATM and increase profit and speed.

-Taunt: Make enemies in a long distance to flock to you.

-Detector: A radar than shows location of enemies and important places.

Other Edit

-Mines: a placeable weapon. It explodes when enemy is nearby.

-Rage injection: Special bullet with poison to make enemies in rage.

-Tower mines: An upgrade for the tower to place mines.

-Tower grenades: Upgrade for the tower to launch grenades.

Gameplay Edit

-Outside areas (2): An optional survival challenge. You have to kill the most zombies posible. Time is counted.

-You have to wait 3 days for an helicopter to receive the factorie's profits. This time can be reduced with "Yeet Business" ability.

-The areas with tower can be randomly attacked, causing you to play an "Asault position" mission. You have to stop enemies from entering the zone. Else the threat of the zone will greatly increase.

-If you want to upgrade weapons or abilities you need a space of a warehouse. Warehouses are in every zone, and to find them you have to play a capture, recon or walking mission. They are in some part on the map and if you have the "Detector" ability, a dot will display the position.

-Secondary missions: Additional missions than appear in some areas, like "Clear the zone" or "Kill the boss". They are optional but it is recommended to do them always you can, because it gives additional profit.

-Ramble: A walking mission. If you feel something is missing you can explore the zone and walk.

-Sleep: An action wich skips a day. It is not worth it.

Rewards: Now each weapon has it's wn "Reward for killing" stat, reducing the profit by it's percentage.

"Reward for killing" for every weapon: Edit

  1. Pistol: 90% (The 2° highest)
  2. Shotgun: 70%
  3. Rifle: 80%
  4. Machine gun: 50%
  5. Bazooka: 20% (The lowest)
  6. Grenade: 30%

A melee fight always gives 100% of prizes. Upgrading the weapon doesn't increase it.

So it is not recommended to always use the powerful weapons.

-Experience level: An experience level unique for every weapon. The most time you use a weapon the higher it is the damage, but there is a cap. It is permanent.

-The natural threat increase is decreased to 4%.

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