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|Rob the Inspector
|Rob the Inspector
|Commonwealth Area - "Recon"
|Commonwealth Area - "Recon"
|tìm thấy ở chế độ đơn giản
Find in simple mode
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|Portfield the Inspector
|Portfield the Inspector
|Freeside Area(The last unlocked area) - "Factory Capture"
|Freeside Area(The last unlocked area) - "Factory Capture"
|tìm thấy ở nhà m
Found at home

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Decision 3 is the 4th game of the Decision series that was released on November 14, 2014.

Screenshot 32

Decision 3

Screenshot 33

Decision 3 :Town Boundary Map


  1. Zombie Roamer
  2. Zombie Reaver
  3. Feral Zombie
  4. Burning Ghoul
  5. Marked Ghoul
  6. Zombie Dog
  7. Zombie Warg
  8. Zombie Troll
  9. Giant Zombie Troll
  10. Zombie God Troll (Found at the bottom of Massacre)
  11. Mutant Peon
  12. Mutant Warrior
  13. Mutant Brute
  14. Mutant Master
  15. Mutant Captain
  16. Wolf Mutant
  17. Wulver Mutant
  18. Super Mutant
  19. Super Mutant Overlord
  20. Super Mutant Boss (Find the bottom of the right of Den and must be on Freeside
  1. Quân đội - Giống như Người lính, nhưng không thể tương tác và chiến đấu bất bại
  2. Engineer - Adds 150 income per day if on team.
  3. Soldier - Simple Soldier with a rifle
  4. Builder - If on team, each engineer in team adds 5 materials per day.
  5. Ranger - adds 5 materials per day if on team.
  6. Captain - Useful for combat and upgrades. Has a Lee-Enfield.
  7. Civilian - Brings in 100 money per day if on team.
  8. Inspector - Unlocks upgrades in armory.
    1. Armord, Location: Border Area - "Direct Action"
    2. Mark, Location: Coldwater Area - "Outpost Rebuild"
    3. Jonson, Location: Westside Area - "Factory Capture"
    4. Rob, Location: Commonwealth Area - "Recon"
    5. Rock, Location: Broken Hills Area - "Outpost Rebuild"
    6. Porterfield, Location: Freeside Area(The last unlocked area) - "Factory Capture" (couldn't be found if you are playing in easy difficulty )


Team - Soldier 2-1
Soldier is required for Outpost and Shelter upgrades. Can be recruited for missions (Requires ability "Commander").

Military is same as soldier, but can not be interacted with and cannot die.

Team - Captain 2
Captain is required for Outpost and Factory upgrades. Can be recruited for missions (Requires ability "Commander"). It looks like he has a Has a Lee-Enfield for his firearm
Team - Ranger 2
Ranger is required for Outpost upgrades. Being in the team each Ranger obtain 5 Materials per day. Can be recruited for missions (Requires ability "Commander").
Team - Engineer
Engineer is required for Outpost and Factory upgrades. Being in the team each Engineer obtain 150 money per day.
Team - Builder
Builder is required for Outpost and Factory upgrades. Being in the team each Engineer [sic] obtain 5 materials per day.
Team - Citizen
Citizen is required for Shelter upgrades. Being in the team each Citizen obtain 100 money per day.


Name Location Notes
Inspector - Armord
Armored the Inspector Border Area - "Direct Action"
Inspector - Jonson
Jonson the Inspector Coldwater Area - "Outpost Rebuild"
Inspector - Mark
Mark the Inspector Westside Area - "Factory Capture"
Inspector - Rob
Rob the Inspector Commonwealth Area - "Recon"
Find in simple mode
Rock the Inspector Broken Hills Area - "Outpost Rebuild"
Portfield the Inspector Freeside Area(The last unlocked area) - "Factory Capture"
Found at home


Colt Python
Base Damage: 12

Colt Python

Fire Rate: Average (2/second)

Clip Size: 7

Reload Time: 2 Seconds

Range: 300

Reward: 100%'

In-game description: "The Colt Python is a powerful, 6 shot, double-action revolver manufactured by the U.S. company Colt's Manufacturing of Hartford since 1995. Some fire arm collectors and writers have described the Python as the finest production revolver ever made."

Coach Gun
Base Damage: 28

Coach Gun

Fire Rate Average (2/second)

Distance: 300 (Spread)

Reward: 70%

In-game description: "Type of gun, made by shortening the barrel and butt. This gives the advantage of small size which allows for concealed carry and easy to maneuver. Large scattering makes it ineffective at long distance. Improvements of the barrel shortening make it much more effective gun."



Armor: 5%

Speed: +5%

In-game description: Typical army jersey made of cotton. Provides no protection against damage. Does not hinder movements so you can run in it only where there is a lack of threat."


All skills max out at level 3, except for Rage Injection.

  • Stamina- Increases maximum health and regeneration rate.
  • Engineering- In game description: "Engineering allows improvement of Outposts, Factories and Shelters to a higher level."
  • Hacker- Allows you to "hack" into ATMs, which gets you cash. You can only hack into ATMs that are at or below your hacking level. Along with that, you can hack into Storehouses, which are harder to find.
  • Detector- Gives an in-game map that can be accessed anytime, and upgrades allow you to see more things, such as enemies, allies, and stashes. Tap the keyboard key "Z" to activate (and deactivate) the detector (if unlocked). Hold "Z" to access the map.
  • Commander- Lets you have companions that follow you around and kill zombies. Upgrade to increase max team size.
  • Agility - Improves default walking speed and lets you sprint if you hold the "Shift" key on your keyboard, which doesn't allow you to fire, but increases speed drastically. Upgrading this will further increase your walking speed, sprinting speed, and duration of the sprint.
  • Stability - Holding the Spacebar down will activate Stability. You cannot move, but knockback resistance and armor are increased. Upgrades increase the amount of knockback resistance and armor. Additionally, level 3 Stability decreases cooldown of ALL skills by 50%.
  • Self-Defense - Allows you to automatically melee attack enemies which are close to you. Upgrades will further increase damage dealt by this attack, and give it a damage range instead of a set number. (Example; 20-40)
  • Supplier- Increases your teammates damage and health. Upgrade to further increase damage and health.
  • Berserk - This skill has multiple levels that add on to each other. The first level gives a Berserk meter above your normal health bar, that is filled by getting damaged by enemy attacks, or killing enemies. If filled up, you gain 20% health and 30% attack rate, and faster reload speed. The period that this is active can be extended by getting hurt or killing whilst you're berserk.This is called being "Enraged." The second level allows for you to manually become Enraged by tapping the keyboard key "V" (20 second cooldown). The third level has the first two levels, along with a chance to become Enraged when you are about to die, knock down all enemies nearby, and survive.
  • Rage Injection - A very useful skill that can make an enemy attack everyone else around them, including their allies. This skill only has one level. Press the keyboard key "X" to activate. You must be holding a pistol to load the injection in the gun, and you must then hit the enemy you wish to enrage. Some enemies are immune, such as the Giant Zombie Troll, the Zombie God Troll, the Super Mutant Overlord, and the Super Mutant Boss.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Early On
    1. Aim past the enemy you are shooting at. If they are standing you'll still hit them. If you aim at them, sometimes you will miss because the bullet hits at their feet.
    2. Find the first 3 inspectors as soon as possible. (see their locations above)
    3. If you knock an enemy over - walk up to it and you will automatically kick it and gain 300% cash for the kill.
    4. Upgrade Engineering ability to max quickly, in order to build the strongest possible outposts.
    5. Upgrade your team size whenever possible.
    6. Once you have 2 upgrades on your "Detector" (do this asap) - go back through and explore all zones you can to find more team mates - this will help you upgrade zones to max faster. Do not expand past the 3 initial zones too early, though. It's best to upgrade them to where the bar with the green shield icon goes to 100%, so it will not be attacked by enemies.
    7. If a zone is being attacked and you do not defend it with the outpost, it will gain 50-60% threat the next day. If the threat goes to 100% or over, you will lose the zone and have to re-scout it. You will not, however, lose any of the upgrades you have made to the zone. (i.e. factory/outpost/shelter).
      1. This is useful because it's time consuming and not profitable to defend zones that are being attacked if they aren't going to be lost. Just do something else for a while, and then you can do "Direct Action" to kill zombies for money, and reduce the threat level by 40%
      2. If you are early in the game, however, it is advised to not let this threat level go too high, as many powerful enemies such as "Zombie Trolls", or "Giant Zombie Trolls" can spawn, forcing the player to have to get better weapons before trying to take back this area. They can spawn on, or around about 80% threat.
  2. How to clear/complete an area (once an area is cleared it will not have to be cleared of zombies any longer. Also, the area will turn green.)
    1. Build 3 militia upgrades (requires a total of 3 soldiers) 
    2. Build 3 red outpost upgrades(requires a total of 3 soldiers)   
    3. Build 3 red factory upgrades (requires a total of 1 builder and 3 engineers) 
  3. In a area- what to upgrade first - Do not upgrade an outpost with weapons until the end - zombies wont attack the outpost this way(unless threat gets above about 80%, and even then, it lets you do "direct action" to take care of it)  
  4. How to find more teammates - Go back to zones and explore. It helps to have the upgraded "Radar", or "Detector" ability to find them, as they will be marked on it as a green dot. 
  5. Guns to upgrade:
    1. Early Game - Pistol (100% money per kill is nice),  
    2. Mid-Game - Minigun, for having high DPS and a generous 100 bullets per magazine, and the Sniper Rifle for taking out many zombies and mutants in a single hit from large distances.   
    3. Late Game
      1. Knife/Machete (300% money per kill allows for upgrading powerful weapons such as the Rocket Launcher more. It also can deal insane amounts of damage per hit.)  
      2. Explosives for dealing with large amounts of mutants and zombies in higher level areas. (Grenades, and Rocket Launcher.)  
      3. Riot Shield (Very useful, because you will never get knocked over while using this, and it will increase your armor/defense significantly.)  
  6. Important upgrades:
    1. Upgrade Engineering to be able to build strong outposts with multiple guns, and passive upgrades, like the Mine Launcher, or Flamethrowers.
    2. Agility/Endurance
      1. These is by far the most useful skill in the game. As long as you do 40, or more damage with the Pistol, . It allows you to sprint for as long as you like.
    3. Detector - Sense enemies/npc's/locations of stashes/objectives.
      1. Get detector I and II as soon as possible. Detector III is can be acquired later on.
    4. Stability - Makes you reload twice as fast, gives you armor, makes you resistant to knockbacks - all when you hold the "Spacebar"
    5. Anything that can increase your armor, regen speed, or health.
      1. Early - Just use cotton shirt. Leveling it up by being damaged will give you a nice 20% armor and 5% more speed.
      2. Mid/Late - Heavy Armor, More armor but 30% reduced move speed, or Cotton Armor for harder difficulties to be able to avoid more devastating attacks that armor cannot withstand. (Example: Zombie Trolls, Super Mutants, and even Burning Ghouls can all be devastating, and it's best to avoid their attacks altogether.)
      3. Riot Shield (Increases armor by a lot, decreases the rate in which you get knocked down and comes with a reliable pistol.)
  7. Upgrades that aren't as important:
    1. Hacker III - ATM's do not give you much cash throughout the game - it costs just as much, or more to upgrade the hacker skill to level 3 as you will ever get for ATMs.  
    2. Most guns aren't very powerful, or that great. Just pick a few guns you like and upgrade those. Of course, you can still purchase more fun weapons, and come up with your own exciting load outs. (Example: Using the Rocket Launcher, Grenades, and Landmines for maximum explosions, baby!) 
    3. Things that benefit your teammates - Any upgrade that makes your teammates stronger isn't very useful, you'll be doing a lot of missions solo, anyways. 
  8. Armor: Pick 1 type of armor, Light, Medium, or Heavy, and wear it often to increase the amount of armor. Heavy armor is great late game when monsters are much tougher, but can sometimes be a hindrance due to it decreasing your movement speed. It's very useful once upgraded, but you should most likely upgrade your Agility skill before using it.
  9. Best outpost upgrades - Good combos - 1 Rocket launcher, 1 Anti-tank, 1 Mini Gun  |     3 rockets  |  3 Anti-tank |  1 Mini Gun and 2 Anti-tank. The Rifle upgrade can also be useful, due to it typically instantly killing a zombie every shot, and you don't have to aim the cross-hair directly over the zombie to hit them, it gives some auto-aim for you. 
  10. Terrible combo's that as well: 3 Mini Guns, makes it harder on yourself to defend against the large hordes of zombies. 
  11. Making money -
    1. Killin stuff - works alright for $$. It's good to use melee(300% $) and the pistol(100% $) to get more money per kill. 
    2. Engineers(150) and Citizens(100) on team - It's nice to keep Engineers and Citizens on your team because they make 150 and 100 gold, respectively, per day. If you can find a ton of engineers, they should make up the bulk of your team until you no longer need money.  
    3. Factories - Attracts more zombies, increasing your threat level gained everyday, and only gives a small bit of cash. I would not recommend capturing, or upgrading them.  
    4. Mid to Late game, you can do certain zones over and over again and that lets you make extra money and level up your weapons/armor.  
  12. Time - Days: Don't worry about spending too many days. If you need to skip a day to make money, increase threat to get more zombies to kill, it's fine. It doesn't matter how long (in in-game days) it takes to complete it. 
  13. Finding Teammates:
    1. By far the best way to acquire team mates is by exploring missions you've already completed. You can even go to an area once, gain teammates from it, and then go again a few days later and gain more teammates.  
    2. Border Area (the first area) - Mission I is a good place to do once every 5-10 days or so. normally you can find 3 - 4 new teammates there.
      1. Mission 1 in all areas seems to be a pretty good place to find team mates. (Source: I just found 15 teammates at once by exploring mission 1 of West Side area.)  
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