Decision Medieval is the third game in the Decision series and is set in the middle ages.

Tips and Tricks

  • Hold spacebar to attack more quickly.
  • First upgrade should "eagle eye I" lets you see zombies and important stuff while walking around
  • Second upgrade should be "Agility I"
  • If you build a tower for an area, build the average weapon one that has decent speed and damage. Later upgrading it choose either archers or catapult one, so it gives support for the middle weapon.
  • Its best to train guards for areas in start, so in later one capturing new areas, you do not have to worry much for previous areas, as their threat will rise very slowly.
  • Do not go for mission "mine" in any area till you will be sure to secure the area again it later on.
  • First, clear area of zombies, second do mission´s objectives and third take the citizens. Its safe.
  • If you go on mission for building a tower, get all workers in area you can gather then put it all once into the tower. Its best to start up with more workers so it will finish very quickly.
  • Explore area SPECIFICALLY like inspector. Every little details has own fortune of money. The money can be used on upgrades that you didn't unlocked them yet. (PS: Locked upgrades cost low to unlock them than upgrading weapons already unlocked.)
  • Eagle Eye upgrade is your friend. Eagle Eye makes you 100% know places that are invaded with zombies.
  • Do not upgrade your weapons too early. Wait till you unlock all weapons first then begin to upgrade them. Eventually till you unlock new weapons, you already "upgrade" them by having experience on them.
  • If you are unsure about your dmg is not high enough to kill stronger enemies, try do mop missions on previous areas on weapons you want to train and get money to upgrade skills and weapons.

And I need someone to tell the other where are all the masters.

The first master is in the tutorial/beginning

Master of wisdom is usually found in central quarter outskirts but can be found in grey quarter tower area

I know there are masters in every quarter but, not specifics though if you upgrade eagle eye enough you can easily spot them (the green dots)

Masters are always in areas with taverns and must be scouted two or three times.

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