Big baddies. On your detector they show up as a skull in a red dot. They are huge and will rush you to strike at you. If you can dodge you can live. If they hit you then...

Tip: When they lumber towards you you are fine. When they pause get ready to get out of their way.

Zombie Troll


These are not just zombies; they are mutated zombies that are very dangerous and tenacious. Their three-meter tall bodies stand out from the crowd making them hard to miss. Their origin remains unknown; it is speculated that they descended from gorillas. Strength and speed allow them to strike the enemy. If you stay on your feet there is a chance to stay alive. 
Zombie Troll on Detector

Off to the right is the Zombie Troll on the detector shown as a skull in a red dot.

Zombie Troll striking

A huge Zombie Troll rushing to strike.

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